Family photos are so near and dear to my heart! My kiddos are almost grown and some of my most cherished memories were captured with photos of them when they were little. I have photos of my grandparents that are no longer with me and those photos mean the absolute world! 

I can share all the reasons WHY you should have family photos but I also want to address some reasons that you may be delaying....
I'm going to start out by saying Don't wait to take the photos!!

Just do it! Yes it's possible your kids have a short attention span, or your husband doesn't like photos, or maybe you're even waiting to lose some weight. However here you are.... Great news! I've heard many reasons you may want to wait and I'm here to tell you not to. If you have concerns about any of the above reach out and we can talk through it. In over 10 years I have worked through it all!

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